Seasonal Kumquat Radish Salad


I am still trying to live that salad life even though it is definitely not the first thing I crave. Lately, I haven't had any set recipes for the salads I've made - I've been walking into the grocery store and letting the vegetables choose me. Luckily, California produce is as fresh and farm to table as it gets, so I am always confident I will have aisles of seasonal vegetables and fruits to choose from. 

This grocery haul, the kumquats and radishes spoke to me so in my cart they went. FUN FACT, kumquats are the only member of the citrus family whose rind is sweeter than their insides. Who knew? The inside flesh is sour, almost like a lemon. 

This seasonal salad was quick and satisfying. I just let the fresh ingredients do the talking. As usual, no measurements, just add to your preference. You can't go wrong.





Maldon salt

Olive Oil

Freshly ground pepper

A little little bit of maple syrup