Simple, balanced meals


After indulging in not-so-clean foods, it's always good to get back into healthy eats in a simple way. One of my favorite ways to reset is to combine lots of fresh greens with healthy fats and carbs.

They key is to use quality and organic ingredients along with varying textures/tastes. These truly do make a difference! Our latest meal was so delicious and hardly took any effort. A quick run to my favorite vegetarian grocery store in the Bay, Rainbow Grocery, and I was able to grab the freshest foods. 

Simple Salad

Leafy kale

Red cabbage

Micro Greens


Hemp hearts




Red and yellow peppers

Slice to your size preference. Combine all in bowl with a dressing of quality olive oil, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and maple syrup. Nothing gets easier or tastier.

Add freshly sliced avocado on the side. I decided to try and master my avocado cutting skills and I still can't stop telling people what a pro I am.....I am in fact, not, and this is not a particularly tough skill to master. Here's a video. Sprinkle with freshly ground pink salt and pepper.

A fresh loaf of Pan Au Levain from ACME Bread and olive oil/balsamic was exactly the filling part we needed for this meal. Remember, using quality ingredients is key when keeping meals simple. The loaf was extremely fresh and pillow, and the olive oil/balsamic all were local, fresh, and of the highest quality.