Loaded Veggie Tacos


I have been craving tacos tacos tacos lately and finally decided to make some for breakfast. I heard great things about Siete Foods' Cassava and Chia Tortillas, so I pulled the plug.....and it was SO GOOD.

This grain-free tortilla is my new go-to for all taco-related meals. Here's how I made these veggie packed tacos:



Siete Foods Cassava and Chia Tortilla - GRAIN FREE!

Hope Foods Original Hummus

White Rice

Northern White Beans ( you can used kidney or black beans, these just happened to be what I had one hand)

Thinly sliced red cabbage

Sliced red onion

Micro Greens

Hemp Hearts - protein packed!

Pickled Nacho Style jalapenos

Chopped chive and cilantro

Sriracha hot sauce

Optional: cheese, salsa, any other fixins you please


I simply heated the tortilla on a skillet until warm and slightly charred in some places. I topped first with hummus, rice, and beans.

Add the rest of the toppings. Amounts don't matter, whatever your prefer. Top with hot sauce! 

I loved the different textures in this taco - soft beans, crunchy red cabbage, the bite of the red onion, spiciness of the jalapeno. Texture is so important for my meals. 

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