Kimchi Toast


I love kimchi. I really really love kimchi. Did you know it's insanely amazing for gut health? Eat this and enjoy the powers of a yummy food probiotic. 

Oh kimchi...I love opening a jar, smelling up the apartment, and digging in. My boyfriend doesn't love this part so much, mostly because of the strong smell of fermented cabbage but who cares I'm still gonna eat it and prob kiss him on the cheek after. He definitely likes that part I think. 

So. Kimchi for breakfast. I mean, any meal actually, but yes especially breakfast. I slapped a heaping pile on top of toasted Ezekiel bread, Kite Hill chive "cream cheese," and ate it all. Served with my usual extra crispy fried egg, some lox and avocado, and sat through several episodes of Adventuretime with my honey. Consider that a great weekend morning.