On Zero Waste and Saving Our Mother Earth


Lately, I've been making efforts to reduce the amount of waste we use.  

When we moved to San Francisco, we were told that we had to compost (you need 3 bins: trash, recycle, and compost bins - with the TRASH bin as your SMALLEST bin) and I was ALL ABOUT IT.  The fact that we were prompted to reduce our trash by composting and recycling was so new to me, coming from New York City, where we had the usual trash and recycle bins. Suddenly, there was composting and also suddenly, there were amazing farmer's markets with local, ethical vendors, and there were grocery stores with bulk bins that encouraged you to bring your own containers. I essentially moved to my dream city. 

I've always believed in the importance of environmental sustainability, and the role we play in keeping our mother earth healthy and glowing for our future generation. We waste so much simply by eating and buying food. So with that, I am reducing my use of plastic to almost zero, buying in bulk with my own jars/containers/bags, and being extremely conscious of my waste as well as my food sources.


We are steadily depleting our resources with all our WASTE. I am very aware I cannot solve this issue alone, or that my lifestyle changes are not going to save the world, but I am going to do my part as a responsible consumer. If we all adopted the same mentality, think about the possibility though! The changes I've already adopted have benefited my everyday life in profound ways. 

There are many things going on in our world today, and many many causes to advocate for. This is JUST ONE that I value, that I am choosing to highlight as it relates to my overall blog, and if you are interested in learning more, here are some of my favorite resources/blogs. More to come on this important issue!

Zero Waste Home - Bea is the legit KWEEN of Zero Waste - https://zerowastehome.com

Great insight for beginners AND she has a shop in Brooklyn, NY - http://trashisfortossers.com/

Love her IG and easy to follow tips/recipes - https://mamaeatsplants.com

SF Locals - https://sfenvironment.org/zero-waste-in-SF-is-recycling-composting-and-reuse