Superfood Açaí Bowl


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It gives me the energy I need to start my morning, and a good, filling one will keep cravings and hunger at bay until lunch time.

Acai bowls are packed with all the superfood properties and are incredibly easy to pull together, contrary to what you may believe. Here's a combination superfood bowl that I use often. You can buy acai powder at any natural or health food store, but I usually buy the frozen packets from Whole Foods, Trader Joes, my local coop. 

Superfood Acai Bowl Recipe


Using a high powered blender, add:

1 frozen acai packet

1 frozen banana

handful of frozen fruit - I chose blueberries (antioxidants) and mangoes (because they are DELICIOUS)

2 medjool dates

1 tbsp raw almond butter

1/2 tsp each of various herbal/superfood powders: maca, moringa, chlorella

1 tbsp ground flax

1 scoop of your choice of plant protein powder (I use Orgain Vanilla)

1 1/2 - 2 cups plant milk (I used my homemade cashew milk, recipe found here)


Blend all ingredients until smooth. You do not want a watery consistency since this will be a smoothie bowl. My advice is to start with 1 cup of milk and slowly add until you achieve a thick texture.  The last thing you want is a watery bowl of FRUIT SOUP.


coconut flakes

chia seeds


heavy sprinkle of cinnamon


A word on  Adaptogens

I am very diligent about incorporating "superfoods" in my meals, smoothies, bowls, drinks, etc. There are SO many benefits. Personally, I have noticed more energy, mental clarity, have been able to maintain my weight, and all in all my body feels really GOOD.  

I've been using adaptogens for as long as I've been interested in wellness. Adaptogens are natural medicines and substances that tend to have a hormone balancing effect on the body, many of which have their own strengths to assist with: a healthy body, better digestion, immunity, elevating mood, and sex drive. I use them everyday in drink tonics, smoothies, bowls, salads, etc. etc. I've noticed that I have a lot more energy (I stopped drinking coffee!), I feel more at ease (anxiety tends to kick my butt), and my gut issues have drastically eased. Along with regular exercise and clean eating, I have found a great balance of body and mind and am a HUGE supporter of adaptogens. More to come on this.

Here's what I used in this acai bowl:

Moringa adds a boost of antioxidants, are anti-inflammatory, can help digestive health, and balances hormones and blood sugar levels.

Maca can help with low energy/fatigue, reduces stress hormones, and is high in minerals like potatssium, calcium, iron.

Chlorella can help improve digestive health, fight against gut issues (I've had plenty!) and detoxifies the body.

Flax has anti-inflammatory properties and I encourage you to incorporate as much of it into your diet! Full of Omega-3, it helps with heart health, is high in fiber, can clear skin, fights cancer, and supports weight loss. It is extremely nutrient dense and a game changer for wellness and overall health.