Championing Charcuterie Boards As Meals

I really love cheese. When I was a vegan (on-and-off, on-and-off, though I do firmly believe in eating less meat and more fresh, plant-based foods), I would struggle with the deep-rooted cheese urges I had. After officially re-introducing meat and dairy back into my life, I SLOWLY started eating cheese. Note, I am for the most part, lactose intolerant. Also note, that does not stop me from having cheese. It does, however, mean that I take a chance on an upset stomach. But I do it for the cheese. Because I love the cheese.

I love making charcuterie boards not only for the cheese, but because it's also a quick and delicious way to get full and happy fast. I am totally all for having these as meals. Why not!  My latest board was a combo of pantry items and leftover fridge things I needed to get rid of. Here's my list:

  • Crackers, basic grocery store ones
  • Extra sharp white cheddar and mild cheddar cheese
  • Dates
  • Apple and pear slices
  • Walnuts, cashews, almonds
  • Raw honey
  • Fig Jam
  • Genoa salami
  • Prosciutto

Not the fanciest, but I promise it's still friggin' tasty. I've also developed new favorite combos. Enjoy below:

  • Cracker, extra sharp white cheddar, raw honey, pear slice, almond
  • Cracker, extra sharp white cheddar, Genoa salami, fig jam, coarse mustard
  • Apple slice, mild cheddar, raw honey, prosciutto

I find myself making these combos lately and eating tons. Officially stuffed you guys. What's your favorite combo? What are you putting on your charcuterie boards?

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