Weekends are for Sleeping In & 2 O'clock Breakfasts

Happy Monday all! Reflecting on the past two days, I realized I haven't had a weekend at home in a while. I have spent most of my weekends trying to get out of New York, so it was pretty unusual to spend this one in my own bed and making my own food. I won't complain though, it was nice to relax and be lazy! Having a 9-5 forces me to ensure that my weekends are not chaotic or stressful; that's the last thing I want during the limited time I have to chill out. With that said, I spend the past 2 days sleeping and eating in. I don't usually wake up too late but this last Saturday and Sunday saw me pulling the covers over my head past 10:00am. My rested and happy body surely needed that though!

What I love about these weekends at home may honestly seem like the most mundane, uninteresting thing. But all I want to be able to do is make a fresh cup of coffee with my French Press!!! Seriously, it's one of those little things that I cherish because it indicates that 1) I am not in any kind of rush 2) I can sit and enjoy that black liquid gold and 3) I can use one of my countless mugs (I have a problem with buying mugs, but that's another story)! AND, I also get to take my time and cook! I'll be honest with you, we did order brunch on Sunday due to pure and utter laziness, but I managed to cook on Saturday.

My go-to weekend wake-up meal is ALWAYS something savory. I cannot eat oatmeal or granola without thinking about eggs! Growing up in a Filipino household groomed my taste buds into expecting a savory and salty morning meal. We would sit at our breakfast table while my mom plated us eggs, bacon, and RICE. Yup, RICE. I crave rice everyday meal of every day. But anyway, back to Saturday's late breakfast, sort of brunch. I made cheeZy eggs with parsely and sea salt - yum! Add in some toast that has been warmed on a skillet coated in coconut oil and turkey bacon and I call it a WIN! What is your go to weekend breakfast? I'd love to know!

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