Sharing my favorite things here, particularly my passionate love of FOOD. 

Recipes, ramblings, kitchen mishaps, amateur food styling, cookbook pickups, and food stories galore. All mostly happening in my tiny studio in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.


Living in New York City means being surrounded by all the design inspiration. Fashion is everywhere. Endless thrift shopping, vintage hauls, new pick ups, roaming shops and boutiques... are some of my favorites to do/see/get.  

Recaps of my travels

Julia Child & Joan Didion & Haruki Murakami

The smell and feel of a new book

Fresh flowers that look wild and weird and untamed

Vintage pieces

Morning smoothies & natural herbal remedies

A glass of red wine after a long day

All the memorabilia


These are just some things I love and there's so much more I want to share with you.




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